Going To Town: A Collection Of The Writings of PAVA [VIDEO]

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September 2, 2015
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September 25, 2015
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Going To Town: A Collection Of The Writings of PAVA [VIDEO]

Until his death, the name Paul Ansah became perhaps the most revered epitome of incisive journalism in Ghana. By 14th June, 1993 when he died, P.A.V. Ansah, over a quarter of a century had succeeded in perfecting a paradigm in Ghana’s journalistic tradition. Write-and-be damned was its hallmark, and Going-to-Town its colloquial shibboleth. Avid readers of Paul Ansah’s column in The Ghanaian Chronicle weekly, for which he wrote in his last years, eventually got used to the ominous prelude of his weekly sojourns to town, the following being a typical example:

“I am hereby serving notice that today, I am going to town. What this means is that those who have a weak heart or a weak stomach are forewarned not to read beyond this point. Notice is hereby also served that those who think they need a standby dictionary should reach for it, because I shall be going to my repertoire or arsenal.. . .”

… His pet target was dictatorship and all its institutional reflexes: military regimes, oppressive laws, instant justice, state-sponsored hooliganism, and the like. These were themes that inflamed Ansah’s passion and activated his arsenal for nearly three decades.

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